Design Inspiration

Katherine Weaver Otterbourg of La Tisserande is an interior designer who is passionate about restoring older homes for contemporary living while remaining sensitive to their historical character.

Kitchen.pngShe has been involved in several projects in the West End, and she’s enthusiastic about the possibilities for the Coleman House, which she considers one of Winston-Salem’s historical treasures.

“Because so many of this home’s priceless architectural features have been well preserved,” she says, “we have an opportunity to create a seamless transition from 1904 to 2012.”

Katherine’s design ideas for the kitchen are a perfect example.


Coleman_Kitchen_Floor_Plan.pngThe restored kitchen would retain all of the original cabinetry and add matching contemporary features, such as an island and additional counter space. 

New lighting and plumbing fixtures would also blend with the ambience.

See Katherine’s thoughtful design for the upstairs master suite, including a large private bath and ample closet space, with only minimal structural revisions.

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